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What kinds of rates does GROUNDFLOOR offer?

Last Updated: Nov 16, 2017 09:25AM EST
Groundfloor uses a loan grading scale ranging from Grade A to Grade G with rates ranging from 5.5% to 26%. 

Currently, our grading scale and corresponding rates are as follows.

Grade A: 5.5% | Grade B: 9.2% | Grade C: 13% | Grade D: 15.6% | Grade E: 19% | Grade F: 23.4% | Grade G: 25.8%

Groundfloor generally charges borrowers between 2 to 4 points for our services and does not take a spread on any part of the interest payment. Borrowers may capitalize the cost of closing into the principal amount requested. Closing costs typically range form $500 to $1,500. Unless otherwise limited by applicable law, Groundfloor will charge a penalty of 2% for any extension made to the borrower. Additional details may be seen in the "Fees and Expenses" section of the Offering Circular.

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