GROUNDFLOOR is currently closing loans on a limited basis while we adjust to market and COVID-19 dynamics.  As a result, we have issued the following interim lending guidelines:

  • 1-4 Unit Properties in GA, FL, NC, SC and AL only
  • New Construction projects in GA and NC
  • Loan size:  $75,000-$250,000 
  • Terms: minimum 12 months, maximum 18 months
  • 70% LTARV;  80% to 90% LTC depending on experience
  • Minimum 2-transactions experience required,  no JV Agreements considered
  • 2 year look back for experience
  • Minimum credit score of 620
  • Minimum property value $50,000
  • All loans will be Full Recourse Loans with Personal Guarantees

We will refinance a loan from another lender if the project is complete.

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