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Community Standards for Online Communication
Community Standards for Online Communication
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Policy Purpose:
To foster dialog among and between people interested in Groundfloor, its products and the markets it serves.

Establish and enforce clear standards for interacting with company personnel and other fellow community members.

Our community standards policy in form, substance and application must be:

  • Authentic: Clearly established, communicated and administered--in the open and for all to see. Just like our regulated securities offerings themselves.

  • Smart: Actively encourage well-informed, factual and well-reasoned commentary, while actively discouraging ill-informed opinion, innuendo and off-topic postings. We think the world is quite full enough of trolls, bullying and hot air and we won’t tolerate it here.

  • Accountable: Accept well-intentioned, honest critique. The goal isn’t to look good, but to be good.


  1. All participants must register an account with a verified email address and recognized social identity in order to post publicly. Anonymous posts are subject to moderation.

  2. Posts found to be off-topic, factually inaccurate or misleading will be removed or subject to moderator edit. Requests for support, complaints or information on investments or loan applications should be directed to our investor care team.

  3. Duplicate posts appearing on multiple threads will be removed.

  4. Solicitation is not permitted for any cause, organization or website.

  5. Bullying, threats, foul language and name calling are prohibited.

Upon observing a violation of the rules above, a company moderator will remove the offending post and contact the contributor with the reasons for removal. Subject to the discretion of the moderator and with approval of the contributor, the offending comment may be edited and re-posted by the moderator. Repeat offenders will be banned either temporarily or permanently from participation, after a moderator warning. Appeals of the moderator’s decision with respect to any one post, a warning or banishment may be emailed to for final disposition. We reserve the right to amend, replace or remove this policy at any time and for any reason.

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