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When will my investment in a loan be repaid?
When will my investment in a loan be repaid?
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GROUNDFLOOR loans can either have monthly or deferred payment terms. When a borrower makes monthly interest payments on a monthly payment loan, investors will receive a monthly interest payment. Please note that GROUNDFLOOR processes monthly interest payments once a month. When a borrower repays the principal and outstanding interest on a monthly payment or deferred payment loan, investors are repaid in one lump sum.

A "Maturity Date" is displayed on the Investor Dashboard for each LRO. The Maturity Date reflects the date the loan is originated plus the full term of the loan. When a loan is repaid before the maturity date, the investor will only accrue interest through the date the loan was repaid. If a loan goes past its maturity date, it's possible that the investor could earn additional default interest for their investment due to default interest and other fees.

Once GROUNDFLOOR receives funds to satisfy the loan, GROUNDFLOOR will repay the investor's principal and interest within 7 days.

Please note that while monthly interest loans do pay monthly, there will be a lag between your initial investment and your first monthly interest payment. Typically, a monthly interest loan that fully funds in January will disburse its first monthly interest payment to investors in March.

For a more detailed overview of how GROUNDFLOOR calculates your investment return, please see our blog post on the subject.

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