What is Groundfloor?
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Groundfloor was founded 11 years ago to bring high performance real estate investments to everyone. Before Groundfloor, only the ultra-wealthy could participate in short term, high interest real estate lending. Now everyone can take advantage of these powerful investments!

Here’s how it works:

Groundfloor originates short term (6–18 months), high-interest (8–14%) real estate loans to small businesses, couples, and individuals. Those loans are helping improve residential neighborhoods all over the United States.

Next, we “fractionalize” those loans into $1 investments that anyone can invest in.

Here’s where you come in:

After your initial minimum deposit, you can invest as little as $1 per loan on our platform. When using an Auto Investor account, you are automatically invested in hundreds of loans over time, as evenly as possible.

While each individual loan carries variable risk, when you invest in this many loans with the Auto Investor account, that risk is greatly distributed. Historically, investing in many loans has produced reliable returns of 9–12%.

Here’s how you earn:

When the borrower finishes their project, they repay the loan and you keep ALL of the interest! Groundfloor makes its money with origination and servicing fees.

This is a win for everyone:

  • Small investors achieve their dreams of investing in successful real estate projects.

  • Neighborhoods get cleaned up and improved.

  • Groundfloor earns revenue through origination and servicing fees.

  • You earn reliable returns of about 10%.

More questions? We have a whole library of articles and FAQs for you to read that dive into the details. And you can reach out to our support team any time.

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