Interest begins to accrue from the date of your initial investment through the date that the loan is repaid. Please note that the loan must be fully funded by the investor community within 45 days of the loan release date. If the loan is not fully funded within the 45 day time-frame, you will be refunded your initial investment as well as interest earned. When a loan fully funds and closes, the Limited Recourse Obligation will be deemed to have been issued, and an issue date will appear on your LRO in your Investor Dashboard.

Please note that while monthly interest loans do pay monthly, there will be a lag between your initial investment and your first monthly interest payment. Typically, a monthly interest loan that fully funds in January will disburse its first monthly interest payment to investors in March.

For a more detailed overview of how GROUNDFLOOR calculates your investment return, please refer to our blog post on the subject.

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