Our loan grading scale ranges from Grade A to Grade G with interest rates ranging from 5.5% to 25.5%. The interest rate assigned to a loan and displayed on the loan detail page is an annual rate.

Per our most recent diversification analysis, a hypothetical model portfolio composed of an equal investment made in all 421 loans repaid to date would've earned an annualized net return of 10.72%. GROUNDFLOOR does not take any spread of the return that our investors earn.

Please keep in mind that maximums on LROs (excluding anchor loans) do exist as follows:
Grade A Loans - 20% of entire loan amount
Grade B Loans - 15% of entire loan amount
Grade C Loans - 10% of entire loan amount
Grade D Loans and above - 5% of entire loan amount

For a more detailed overview of how GROUNDFLOOR calculates your investment return, please see our blog post on the subject.

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