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Does GROUNDFLOOR offer Automatic Investing?
Does GROUNDFLOOR offer Automatic Investing?
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Automatic Investing ensures your money is continuously being put to work and earning interest by automatically allocating your funds to available investments when they go live. Users set an investment schedule to allocate funds by desired investment loan grades and when we release new loans, the Automatic Investing engine runs and invests your funds in loans in random order.

How does Automatic Investing work?

  1. To get started, access Automatic investing through your "Account Settings" (via the top-right dropdown menu in your account).

  2. Enter a dollar amount to invest in each loan, by risk letter grade.

  3. When new loans are released, the Automatic Investing engine runs and processes investment schedules in random order.

  4. All loans in which you have not invested are eligible for allocation. The engine will randomly allocate funds to all available loans (based on your investment schedule).

  5. The engine will attempt to invest the full amount listed on your schedule for the grade of each eligible loan. If the full amount cannot be allocated, we will prorate the amount and move to the next loan.

  6. You will be sent a summary email of the investments made by the auto investing engine. Investments may be accessed and canceled via the commitments tab after the engine has run.

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