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What is GROUNDFLOOR's Stock Offering?
What is GROUNDFLOOR's Stock Offering?
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GROUNDFLOOR’s 2019 Stock Offering is an offering of common stock in our company. GROUNDFLOOR was founded with the mission to level the playing field for the average investor. In keeping with that mission, we decided to open our ownership to individual investors. Our goal in offering stock to the average investor at this early stage in our company’s growth was to bring our public ownership in line with that of our VCs and Angel investors.

We invite you to watch our 2019 Investor Presentation below for a detailed overview of 2018 company performance and final results.

Our 2019 Stock Offering is currently closed. For our official announcement of our 2019 Stock Offering, please see our blog post. To read our official press release announcing our 2019 Stock Offering, please click here.

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