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What are Groundfloor Notes?
What are Groundfloor Notes?
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Groundfloor Notes offer investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolio into short-term, stable investments that fund Groundfloor lending capital and typically offer a higher yield than fixed term investment products elsewhere like CDs and bonds.

All Groundfloor Notes are secured by a pool of loans that we have originated, but have not yet funded as LRO investments on our platform. The combination of a security interest in a pool of loans, shorter holding period, and fixed repayment date present a lower risk profile, albeit with lower yield, than our standard LRO offerings.

We typically offer Groundfloor Notes that mature in 30 days, 90 days, and 12 months, with the maturity date listed in the Note name. Interest rates for funding Groundfloor Notes vary by term and may fluctuate based on market conditions (e.g. bond rates) and investor demand.

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