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How does the Auto Investor Account work?
How does the Auto Investor Account work?
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Although the actual code to our automation is confidential, here’s an explanation of how your investments work.

Step 1: Immediate investing

Once you've connected your bank account and designated the amount of funds to transfer (initial and/or recurring), your funds will be immediately deployed to all available real estate investments on our platform as soon as they hit your account.

Step 2: Strategic selection

Our investing algorithm reviews all available real estate investment opportunities and assesses the most optimal “strategy,” looking for loans that have high contractual return rates. It uses a blend of short, mid, and longer dates to completion (a quicker path to repayments). All loans are from established Groundfloor borrowers, who have been fully vetted from our Asset Management team.

Step 3: See your investments

Once these investments have been selected and deployed, you’ll see these investments in action in your mobile app through the Portfolio Summary, Active Investments, Projections, DiversiMeter, and Repayments Breakdown tools.

Step 4: Your path to passive income

Now for the easiest step: Relax. Your investments work hard toward the goal of turning properties into profits. As the days and months unfold, you’ll begin receiving notifications that your Auto Investor Account is working. You’ll be able to see repayments and reinvestments all while watching your Active Investments and Total Value Breakdown charts grow upward.

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