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Do you have any Auto Investor Account tips?
Do you have any Auto Investor Account tips?
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Once you've set up your new Auto Investor Account, use these tips to ensure you get the best investing experience:

1. Auto Invest: Make sure you have the "Auto Invest" toggle on. This enables your investment and earned interest to be automatically reinvested.

2. Recurring Transfers: Schedule a recurring transfer by choosing the source, amount, and day of the month to compound your earning potential.

3. Dashboard Tools: Your Groundfloor mobile app is equipped with handy and informative dashboard tools to help you review your investments. Check out the Portfolio Summary, Repayments Breakdowns, Recent Transactions, and even our new DiversiMeter, which helps you visually gauge your level of diversification.

4. Read Our Blog: Want more tips and tricks, including insights into market trends and analysis? Make sure you visit the Groundfloor blog.

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