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Is investing with Groundfloor risky?
Is investing with Groundfloor risky?
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While any investing comes with inherent risks, Groundfloor has a historical rate of return of 9.84%, with September 2023 seeing a rate of return of 10.57% and October 2023 seeing a rate of return of 10.11%.

Our historical loss ratio is only 0.47%, with nearly half of the month's in 2023 thus far seeing portfolio losses under 1%.

The key to this high rate of return, and low overall loss percentage is diversification.

As seen in this diversification chart, the more an investor is diversified across the Groundfloor portfolio, the better the chances for a higher rate of return.

This is where the Groundfloor Auto Investor Account really shines. Diversification is automatic, limited your investment risk and increasing your chances of double digit returns.

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