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What does principal invested mean?
What does principal invested mean?
Written by Constantina Kokenes
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The principal invested shows a total of how much principal you've invested over the course of your account that have repaid, including the principal from repayments that you've reinvested.

For example, if you transferred in $10 when you opened the account and invested it a LRO, when it repaid your principal invested would be $10.

Before the repayment it would be $0 since it only shows the amount of principal you invested in repaid LROs.

If you then reinvested that same $10 into a new LRO, your repayments would show $20 when the new LRO repays. It's the same $10 β€” it's just been invested multiple times.

Your Investments page shows you how much you currently have invested. "Money at work" is how much you currently have invested. This is not related to the principal invested number since one is current investments, and one is repaid investments.

The interest earned is the interest you've earned from repaid LROs. You earn interest on the funds in "money at work", and when they repay the principal amount is reinvested.

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