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How do Groundfloor referrals, promotions, and rewards work?
How do Groundfloor referrals, promotions, and rewards work?
Written by Constantina Kokenes
Updated over a week ago

Here is an in-depth look at how Groundfloor referrals, promotions, and rewards work:

Groundfloor Referrals

Referrals can only be registered during the sign-up process. Our system checks that the referred individual transfers and invests the minimum amount.

Referral rewards are subject to change, but the current reward is a $50 for $100 invested.

Once the referred individual invests the minimum amount, both you and they will receive the reward as restricted credits 30 days after the qualifying investments close.

  • For Investor Accounts: The LROs they invest in must be closed or fully funded for the 30-day timer to start. It only needs to be the first of the investments, not wherever the 100th dollar is invested.

  • For Auto Investor Accounts: It is 30 days after the funds are invested.

If a referred individual signs up using a referral link, they'll be informed that the referrer (you) is welcoming them to Groundfloor. They can then proceed to sign up as normal.

If a referred individual is entering a code, they'll be prompted to enter the code and a "Success" message will appear should the code be valid.

Once they have signed up using a referral link or code, they'll be prompted to complete three necessary steps to get their reward:

  1. Link a bank account.

  2. Transfer at least $100.

  3. Invest at least $100.

After completing these steps, they'll see a confirmation and that their reward is on the way.

How can I check my pending referrals?

You can check your pending referrals in the "Free Money" button and see which ones are pending and which have been rewarded.

Currently, there is no way to clear pending referrals if someone signs up but does not complete the three necessary steps stated above.

What happens if my referred individual doesn't use the link or input the code when they sign up?

If this happens, please reach out to customer support at or 404-850-9223, Monday through Friday, 9am โ€“ 5pm EST.

Groundfloor Promotions

You will automatically see a banner for the appropriate promotion, which will track your qualifying transfers and investments. It also displays the reward you'll be receiving.

The most common promotion is the New User promotion. Though subject to change, this promotion typically is as follows:

  • You will have until the end of the month following sign-up to complete any transfers or investments.

    • For example, let's say you sign up on June 1. You will have until July 31 to make qualifying investments.

      • But if you sign up on June 30, you will also have until July 31 to make qualifying investments.

  • Rewards are credited roughly two months after the end of the promotional period.

    • For example, June sign ups will get their reward in September, two months after July 31.

To make the most of promotions, you may want to consider signing up on the first day of a month. During the sign-up process, you will see several reminders of your possible rewards:

Groundfloor Rewards

Referral and promotional rewards are applied to your Primary Account, which you can set in your Account Settings via desktop. These rewards come in the form of restricted credits that must be invested and repaid before they can be withdrawn as cash.

To see how many restricted credits you have in your account, go to "Investment Activity" and from there "Transactions".

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